About Pharmacy Fraud

Ethical, courageous pharmacists like Neil Thompson and Dan Bieurance have exposed a variety of fraud cases in the pharmacy industry all across America, resulting in billions of dollars in recoveries for federal and state taxpayers. In addition to this current settlement on Walgreen’s billing of Medicaid for dual eligible customers, the fraud schemes exposed included the following:

  • Recycling and reusing pills that were returned from nursing homes
  • Charging the whole price for a prescription even though it was only partially filled for the customer
  • A Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) corporation used false records of doctor contacts, wrongfully cancelled prescriptions and used false Drug Utilization Reviews
  • Drug manufacturing corporations falsifying reports on “Average Wholesale Prices” to obtain higher payments on drugs from Medicaid; and
  • Nationwide pharmacy chains selling “switched” generic drugs at falsely inflated prices to Medicaid

Early and confidential advice to pharmacists from experienced False Claim Acts (Qui Tam) attorneys, especially while the pharmacists or employees are still at the company, can be extremely important to a successful case against the corporate cheaters. The combination of expertise in the legal and pharmaceutical fields can be crucial to determining the nature and extent of the fraud, and gathering the evidence. Significant advantages are gained by employing attorneys experienced in working with federal and state attorneys and agencies, and navigating the variety of state and federal False Claims Acts and the serious pitfalls that have unfairly caused many honest whistleblowers to end up with nothing for their efforts.

The Attorneys Against Government Fraud are experienced in handling pharmacy and other varieties of Medicaid fraud. They have successfully worked with pharmacists and federal and state attorneys and agents on these cases.